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We are parents, we are friends, we are family.  We welcome you to join us in helping to change the world to make it a better place.  As we like to say,”we are living the dream,” and we have been blessed with some very special people in our lives.  We enjoy life, we love people, we love family, we thank God for the gifts he has given us everyday.  We agree with the theory, “life is short”, which is why we chose to live a positive life.

We believe in “Kaizen,” a Japanese philosophy meaning to seek the desire to continually self-improve yourself.  We live in a world of changing technology and constant innovation, which requires a process of adapting to change and a continual effort to self-improve.

On this website you will find everyday thoughts of inspiration, parenting tips, current events, our favorite books and music, as well as valuable information about food & travel, and even beauty and fashion tips from people who enjoy keeping up with the current trends!

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